Paris IB Maths tutor DP lessons teacher prof tuteur cours particuliers

Maths IB tutor in Paris Lessons for students in French or English language. Private tuition by qualified Experienced Maths Specialist with highest academic and educational education from top universities with Mathematics and Science competition awards

IBDP International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

IB Mathematics HL SL  Mathematical Studies

IB Mathematics HL Higher Level

IB Mathematics SL Standard Level

IB Mathematical studies standard level

IB Further mathematics higher level

Pre IB Summer school programme

Computer Science SL and HL

IB Economics  IB Business Management IB Information Technology in a global society

Sciences: IB Design technology IB Physics  IB Chemistry 

private  tutor, lesson, exam, paper, study guide notes resources tutoring

Tuteur  prof professor cours math lesson Baccalauréat International BI

10th Grade math, 11th Grade math, 12th Grade math

summer winter fall spring exam preparation Intensive effective revision course skype

Professeur cours particuliers de mathématiques IB à Paris France

tuteur prof particulier de math IB Paris en français ou anglais à Paris France

Mathematical Olympiad

Stage d’été intensif concours de mathématiques

Special need supports: Dyslexia, others literacy difficulties

Discretion and confidentiality guaranteed


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